Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Our outfit of the week comes from Gill wearing a black sleeveless biker jacket she has teamed it with a grey dress for the ultimate cover up. A sure fire hit for the festival season! We are obsessed with her grunge look & silver hair!

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Sunday, 31 May 2015


What made you want to start blogging? - I was 16 and I had a passion for writing but I was never really good at writing novels, so I decided to ‘’start a blog.’’ In summer 2014, i started I wear my wages, I got a camera and got the confidence to be where I am today.

What advice would you give to new bloggers? - Try to define yourself from everyone else, DO NOT set out with intentions to be like other bloggers because people wont be attracted to that. Inspire others and be original - then the acknowledgement will come with and the opportunities.

Who are your favourite Scottish bloggers? - I think scottish bloggers are quite rare ive yet to discover others!! 

What would you change about the Scottish blogging scene? - I would love if bloggers were noticed, being from glasgow theres literally like a handful of events like every year where as london it seems to be happening and i feel like i wont ever get far with blogging unless i were to be involved in events there but that would involve spending £150 on travel.. its a shame really because i think all london/england bloggers are all morphing into each other. 

What are your plans for the future of your blog? well i hope to finish my degree in marketing in the next 2 years and then start a PR agency - representing independent women in fashion and have a close link with as many bloggers as i can, i think they are so beneficial and its key to be engaged with them! I hope my blog gets noticed a bit more as i work super hard, every day on it while im a full time student! 

What would you never blog about? - hmm tough one, i do mainly only blog about fashion, some beauty comments and i am starting to do a healthy living post.. in due course. So im not really sure i only write about things i have experienced or have knowledge in! 

How would you describe your personal style? I like to be wearing something before it becomes a trend then I move on to the next thing, it’s a constant cycle - like I was obsessed with ripped jeans then they became mainstream so I’ve had to resort to my ultimate favourite leather jeans which i will never take off, ever.
A trend that I have been all over for months that I am seeing everywhere now is nude jackets/coats with all black outfits- they are just so sassy! I just wear what i feel like wearing, i dont have style icons or anything because its too hard to keep up with all that and expensive - i just work with what ive got and if i see something i like, i buy it! 

What do you love about the Scottish blogging scene? - That its quite rare, i sometimes dont appreciate it enough, purely because of the weather i never get anything done as i base my photographs for my blog outside so ive came across all sorts of weather conditions ive ended up with some serious colds because ive had to prance about in a dress and no jacket just for blog pictures so i wish people did recognise what i need to go through sometimes, high winds, rain, climbing into shoot locations, nearly falling off a bridge - its total madness and i probably make it look easy !

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